Sump Pumps can lead to Sewage Damage

The Risk of Backup One might not think that sewage damage could occur regularly in a home, but it does for a multitude of reasons. One of the most common reasons being “sump pump” failure. If your home uses a sump pump you make be at risk for flood, water, and sewage damage.

The Fire Safety behind Fire Pits

Fire Pits Make the Season Most of us are enjoying the mild winter this year. The warmer than usual temperatures are making it bearable to spend time outside this winter, but as the sun goes down so does the temperate and now it’s time to light that fire pit you have in your backyard, but beware of the fire damage it could cause.

South Georgia left with Storm Damage after Weekend Tornadoes

Storm Damage Equals Over $100 Million It appears tornado season has come early this year as the southeast has taken a beating this rainy winter season. Tornadoes have wreaked havoc on places like Albany, Adel, Cook County killing 15 people in Georgia and causing over $100 million in storm damage.

The Dangers of Hoarding

The Dangers of Hoarding to Your Loved Ones and Your Property We all have the desire to live safely and we hope that our loved ones are doing the same, but that isn’t always the case. The dangers of hoarding has been brought to the light in recent years as more people are opening up about dealing with this mental health issue for themselves or with family and friends. Health risks such as respiratory disease, fall injuries

9 Things that Happen When You Leave Water Damage Untreated

You and Your Home Lose with Water Damage Leaving water damage untreated long term can be a costly mistake for your home or business. A small leak resulting in what may appear as minor damage can quickly lead to a large-scale mold issue. The end result of even the smallest water damage incident can costs thousands in repairs and place your family or employees as great health risks. Here are just nine of the things you

Winter Storm Helena is Coming!

Are You Ready for Snow and Ice from Winter Storm Helena? Batten down the hatches…winter is coming! Yes nothing was more apparent of this fact then my own experience as I pushed my shopping cart around the grocery store last evening amongst the hundreds of other shoppers clamoring for staples such as bread, milk and for some of us…beer. The news has hit, We are expecting snow via Winter Storm Helena.