Reliable Restoration strives to create an experience after a disaster that provides comfort and restores hope to our clients by bringing property, business and life back to normal.

Peter Hajjar and Wes Thornton got together in 2008 to discuss their shared beliefs. Both men had a vision of creating a company that had, as its backbone, a level of integrity and customer service that surpassed everything they had seen to date in the insurance restoration industry. They formed Reliable Restoration, and over the next seven years have implemented that vision with a passion for excellence that drives everyone in the company.

With both men having a background in disaster services, Reliable quickly gained a stronghold in the residential restoration market. Peter’s mantra to the staff, “Do The Next Right Thing,” became a core principle of business dealings. Early on, Peter and Wes decided to forego the traditional route of “preferred vendor” status with the insurance carriers. Their take on this was simple: they wanted to provide service, and be obligated, directly to their clients without the cloud of having to answer to the rules and whims of the carriers’ programs. It was a slower route to take, but one that has placed Reliable among only a handful of such firms- truly independent, working only for YOUR interests!


Over the years, the company expanded their offerings into the commercial space, taking on smaller projects.  In 2012, Reliable found itself in New York City as part of the response following Super Storm Sandy.  Through tenacity, reputation and hard work, they were able to secure restoration contracts on several major projects, including:

Wall Street Plaza, an iconic 32-story office tower in downtown Manhattan

Sarge’s Deli, a legendary classic New York delicatessen in Midtown

Tory Burch, a high-end women’s retailer in trendy Greenwich Village

The lessons learned in New York were brought back home to north Georgia, and this experience formed the basis for the incredible growth that Reliable was able to achieve in the last four years.

Today, Reliable Restoration is one of the largest commercial restoration companies in the Southeast, capable of handling any size and complexity of loss. We have worked in all types of buildings, from hotels and assisted living centers to shopping malls and hospitals. We have answered the call for every type of large loss, including fire, flood, storm damage, and mold remediation. Our large loss team includes some of the most highly trained technicians in our industry, all with years of hands-on experience. Our preparation, training and execution make the difference for you and your business!

As large as we have gotten, Reliable has never forgotten the core of its business- the homeowner. Your home is the center of your life, and we continue to understand your needs and respond in a way that keeps your needs first. We are there for you, whenever you need us, and our professional staff will do everything it can to restore your home and your lifestyle.