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The Dangers of Hoarding

The Dangers of Hoarding to Your Loved Ones and Your Property

We all have the desire to live safely and we hope that our loved ones are doing the same, but that isn’t always the case. The dangers of hoarding has been brought to the light in recent years as more people are opening up about dealing with this mental health issue for themselves or with family and friends. Health risks such as respiratory disease, fall injuries and infections are common in hoarders but many forget that hoarding damages the home as well.

Make sure you know the different levels of hoarding and when it is time to step in and get some help for your loved one and their home:

  • Level I – Normal domestic clutter. All exits and walkways are clear, the electricity and plumbing are working, the animals in the home are being taken care of and the house is sanitary.  hoarding reliable restoration
  • Level II – Housekeeping and general upkeep are not consistent. The owner may need help organizing the home and the clutter is now in key living areas of the house impeding them from being used and/or blocks some exits of the home. Some of the household appliances may not be functioning correctly. The animals in the home are not being cleaned up after and evidence of pests/vermin may be present.
  • Level III – The clutter has overflowed into non-living spaces like the bathroom, shower, bathtub, yard, etc. Several appliances do not work and it is clear the animals in the home are not being taken care of. Garbage is usually overflowing inside the home. hoarding pets
  • Level IV – The clutter now cuts off all access to exits, entrances and walkways. No care is being taken for the animals in the home and their behavior has become destructive and adds to the poor sanitation. The house has a strong odor and structural issues that can be seen with the naked eye. Non-food items are being stored in appliances such as the refrigerator, dishwasher, oven, etc. causing fire hazards. The hoarder is most likely sleeping on the floor due to clutter or lack of sanitary beds, chairs, couches.
  • Level V – 95% of key living spaces are unusable, meaning the rooms are being used for a purpose other than what they were intended for. Plumbing does not work and human urine and feces are left in non-bathroom areas. The structure of the home is severely damaged; mold, mildew, moisture, and standing water are present. The house is usually infested with spiders, rodents, snakes, insects, and other vermin. Any animals (pets) still in the home are a danger to others due to their behavior or bad health.

A home full of objects can easily turn into a fire hazard and beyond that once a fire starts, first responders will have difficulty reaching you inside a full home. The clutter can turn deadly quickly and the home could attract rodents that can eat through wires, plumbing can go bad, and the soundness of the overall structure can be compromised.

If you or a loved one is facing the enormous task of cleaning up a hoarding situation, Reliable Restoration is here for you. Cleaning a home occupied by a hoarder can be dangerous and imposes many health risks. Often these situations have deteriorated to a point of compromising the structural integrity of the home itself. There are too many serious hazards to attempt on your own.

Reliable Restoration is ready to provide expert, clean out and debris removal; content cleaning and storage for salvageable items and if needed reconstruction services. In addition we are fully licensed for lead, asbestos and mold removal. We will provide trained, compassionate technicians who will get the home or property back to a healthy, livable condition that meets all municipal health and safety code standards. Available 24/7/365 visit us at: Choose Reliable or call: (678)325-1633.

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