What Would You Grab? The Importance of Having a Home Contents Inventory

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What Would You Grab?

It’s the age old question: if your house was on fire what would you take? What is most valuable to you in the world, of course after your famiy? A family heirloom, your pet, your computer? People often have interesting responses. There are certain items you would grab without hesitation if given the chance. However, when all is said and done, in the face of any kind of disaster, do you have a Home Contents Inventory List of everything you own?costs of fire-Home Contents Inventory

In the middle of your disaster recovery process, when you are not sure of what you’ve lost or how much you even owned, having a Home Contents Inventory List can prove to be a lifesaver. To avoid complications here are some tips to take stock of the contents in your house or business.

1, More than just the TV. There are some things that you would notice damaged right away – the TV, your laptop, your photo albums. However, you might not itemize smaller, less obvious contents in your office or home. It is easy to forget the little details in a moment of crisis. Make sure that when you make a checklist of valuables, to include items that could be forgettable but ultimately, important. Examples: small kitchen appliances (mixer, toaster, coffee maker, et.), small electronics (game systems, hair straightener, cordless home/gardening items-weed trimmer, drill, etc.), jewelry; taken one by one these items may not be that expensive but replacing ALL of them out of pocket at one time can prove costly!  Also, keep in mind that not all things can be saved or replaced. It is one of the worst parts of a disaster but it is better to know exactly what you have lost than scramble in the aftermath.

2. Make sure you know what is insured. You buy renters’ and homeowners insurance for a reason—to cover damages for items lost in a fire, flood, earthquake or whatever unpredictable occurrence might wreck your business or home. When purchasing insurance for your home or business get all the details so you know exactly what is covered and what is not.

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3. Securely Store Salvageable Contents. Losing most (if not all) of your home or business’s belongings is a challenge. This makes salvaging any remaining contents that much more crucial. To ease the burden of recovery, Reliable Restoration offers a secure Contents Cleaning and Storage service. We will come to your disaster scene (home or business) fully prepared. Upon arrival we will make a detailed inventory checklist of all affected items. Communicating with you, we will help you decide what items will be kept. Many times, those items will need to be cleaned and we will take care of that in our own state-of-the-art disaster restoration facility. We can remove any smoke or odor present in your contents by placing them in our own Ozone Room.

storage3-Home Contents InventoryIt is unimaginable to lose everything—so don’t. When you “choose” Reliable Restoration, you choose to preserve what is most important to you in the aftermath of a disaster. We will not only salvage your contents but restore them. Instead of starting completely over from scratch, you will have a piece of home, mementos and items from your life to rebuild on…hopefully more than your favorite Corey Hart records.

Remember Reliable Restoration is available 24/7/365 for all your disaster and contents storage needs. With RR, you reliably experience Recovery, Restoration and Reconstruction because with us, your family is our family.