Appliances Most Likely to Cause Water Damage

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Common Misconception

When people think of water damage in their home, they usually think the cause is flooding, but that is not always the case.

Ignorance isn’t bliss.  

Recently my roommates and I discovered that our basement had flooded and thought like most do, that it was because of heavy rain and a flooded backyard. We cleaned up the standing water and to our surprise the water returned days later, but this time there was no rain or flooding to blame, it had been sunny and dry for at least five days. Stumped, we finally called a professional who came out and told us the water was due to a faulty washing machine which cleaned our floors more than it cleaned our clothes.awareofwaterdamage

Because of this faulty appliance and the fact that its failure was unseen in the basement for quite some time, we sustained water damage. In fact, if we had gone any longer without a professional repairing the issue , it could have caused major structural damage to our home. We were shocked.

If you are seeing water in your home, don’t blame everything on rain, more times than not the issue is inside. While we lucked out by not ending up with a major water disaster, we still found ourselves in need of appliance repairs as well as water damage restoration.


Here is a list of appliances most likely to cause water damage:

  1. Hot Water Heater – Invest in an annual inspection, watch out for corrosion and replace every 10 years.
    1. Tip: Flush your tank every six months to remove sediment.
    2. Damage can cost an average of $4,444 after 12 years.
  2. Air Conditioner – Can cause the most damage and leak throughout the entire home.
    1. Tip: Install a drain pipe to remove overflowing water.
    2. Average damage cost is $5,000.
  3. Washing Machine – Do monthly inspections on your hoses to look for cracking, rust and dryness.
    1. Tip: Leaks around or clamps in the water hose are a sign of future failure.faulty_appliance
    2. Tip: Leave space between machine and wall and replace hose every 5 years. 78% of hose failures occur in appliances 11 years old or less.
  1. Refrigerator – Usually caused by a freeze or clog of the defrost drain.
    1. Improper sealing will occur in an attempt to keep cool causing excess condensation.
    2. Tip: Check the rubber seals along the door to ensure they are tight.
    3. Tip: Check the water supply line of the ice machine – HUGE water damage can occur if this is broken.
  1. Dishwasher – Hoses, valves or switches could be the cause of the excess water.
    1. Tip: Don’t add too much detergent to each cycle and replace every 9 years.

If not checked correctly and regularly these appliances can turn in to water damage time bombs. Letting the water sit for too long can result in extensive water damage that could take weeks to clean up and restore.

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