The Fire Safety behind Fire Pits

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Fire Pits Make the Season

Most of us are enjoying the mild winter this year. The warmer than usual temperatures are making it bearable to spend time outside this winter, but as the sun goes down so does the temperate and now it’s time to light that fire pit you have in your backyard, but beware of the fire damage it could cause.

Fire pits are the number one requested design feature today and can be the focal point of outside entertaining in a home. This fun leisure activity can quickly turn into a nightmare if a fire catches and quickly spreaUVlamp_avoid_fire_damageds to your home. Don’t let what should have been a relaxing evening turn into a multi-month long restoration job to repair your home from fire damage. If you are worried about the safety of your home, alternate sources of outdoor heating are gas or UV heaters. These will still heat the area and provide a social space but don’t include an open fire that creates a risk for spreading.

To keep your home safe, follow these safety tips for your fire pit:

  1. Make sure you keep fire small – The bigger the fire the greater the risk for disaster.
  2. The fire pit should be at least 10 feet away from any structure or flammable surface.
  3. Don’t use the fire pit during windy conditions – it can blow embers toward the home and catch fire.
  4. Stay up to date on burn bans – the atmosphere may be too dry to light a fire pit.
  5. Pick up leaves and other combustible material around the fire pit before starting your fire.
  6. Keep a container of water or garden hose nearby just in case the fire spreads.
  7. NEVER leave the fire unattended.wind_causing_fire_damage
  8. Don’t use flammable fluids to light the fire.
  9. Avoid wearing nylon or other lose/flammable materials around the fire.
  10. Avoid using soft woods like pine or cedar because they pop and the embers can get on you or spark a fire in your home.
  11. Know how to safely dispose of ashes.
  12. Don’t put your fire pit under a covered porch or on a wood deck.

When Fire Pit Accidents Happen

We want you to enjoy winter safely this season, but sometimes accidents happen. If your home or business has suffered damage due to a fire disaster now is the time to get it addressed quickly. Reliable Restoration is here for you 24/7/365 with a licensed, expert team that will restore your property back to pre-disaster condition quickly, affordably and with integrity. Visit us at: or call us at: (678) 325-1633