Flooding Effects on Your Business

The usual suspects, appliances (water heaters, refrigerators, and air conditioning units), clogged or stopped up pipes and drains and damaged roofs can cause major damage to a business and even halt business operations.  

10 Ways of Staying Sane During Your Water Damage Restoration

Avoid Homeowner Meltdown Unfortunately, you are faced with unforeseen water damage and now you have to start the restoration process to get your home back to pre-disaster shape. Everyone knows that any kind of work on a home brings a lot of stress on a family.

10 Signs it’s Time to Replace Your Siding to Avoid Water Damage

Water Damage Due to Siding Issues Your home takes quite a beating during the rainy season. Siding’s purpose is to protect the exterior walls of your home, meaning it is supposed to prevent the elements from getting through to the inside of your home. Functional siding is important for the health of your home.

Do You Know The Signs of Asbestos?

Signs of Asbestos – It’s Still Around It’s often hard to spot the signs of asbestos. The 70s and 80s were magical times. They were both vastly different points in history but they did have one thing in common: the end to asbestos in homes. Allegedly. Here is what we know.

Wildfires Take Emotional Toll in Gatlinburg

When U.S. Forest Ranger Jody Bandy confronted the man in the Pisgah National Forest, he said he’d been at the nearby wildfire and “couldn’t take it anymore.” Then he ran from the officer, tumbling head-over-head down the mountainside, into the river below and slamming into boulders in the water, Bandy said in a court affidavit. After an ambulance took the bleeding man to a hospital, Bandy peered through the front windshield of his pickup and

Avoid Turkey Disaster

Every Thanksgiving, there is at least one disaster—a social faux pas, the dog getting hold of the turkey,  the jellied cranberry sauce that is either ‘forgotten’ or avoided at all costs. Preparing a feast is an accomplishment unto itself but it should not cost you a trip to the ER. Whether you’re throwing a friend’s giving or sharing a meal with extended family you haven’t seen since last year there are safety precautions you should

Georgia Wildfires Ongoing

By now, anyone who is a resident in the area, has made a note of the smokiness outside due to the ongoing wildfires in North Georgia. Fire damage continues to grow encompassing over 40,000 acres as fires in the Blue Ridge Mountains and Nantahala Gorge struggle to be contained.  . While the fires are being subdued, according to the National Interagency Coordination Center, the blazes will are not estimated to be contained until November 30th. You

Leave Super Moons Alone

As long as humanity has been able to see the sky, we’ve had myths and legends about the moon and its powers. One of the more common ones, that pop up every time there’s a supermoon, is that the moon being that close to the Earth is causing natural disasters ranging from earthquakes to tidal waves. But is it really destroying the world? Or is it just poor timing? It turns out the supermoon’s power

How To Hang Outdoor Holiday Lights Safely

The Joy of Outdoor Holiday Lights It’s two days after Halloween—which means everyone is forgetting Thanksgiving even exists and are preparing to set up their outdoor holiday lights. Some people go all out for their Holiday decorations.   Like . . . really all out.   Seriously guys who has time for this? It makes sense why people love outdoor holiday lights. Besides, of course, giving us a reason to compete with each other. Winter lights

Cracking the Code: Disaster Restoration Terms Every Owner Should Know

When Choosing a Disaster Restoration Company Knowing the Terminology Helps When faced with a Disaster at your home or business, things can get chaotic quickly. The first response should always be to make sure everyone is safe from danger. However the next step of finding a Disaster Restoration Company to handle the aftermath can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. This is especially true for property owners who are unfamiliar with the processes and terminology of the

Choosing a Fire Safe for Your Valuables & Documents’ Protection

Choosing a safe for your valuables and important documents can be confusing. Check out our Choosing a Safe Infographic to help you know which one is best for your needs. With Safe sizes, remember BIGGER is BETTER! Have a Disaster Emergency? Then call the experts at Reliable Restoration. You may contact us at choosereliable.com or call (678) 325-1633 to schedule a free on-site estimate.