Georgia Wildfires Ongoing

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By now, anyone who is a resident in the area, has made a note of the smokiness outside due to the ongoing wildfires in North Georgia. Fire damage continues to grow encompassing over 40,000 acres as fires in the Blue Ridge Mountains and Nantahala Gorge struggle to be contained.

 . While the fires are being subdued, according to the National Interagency Coordination Center, the blazes will are not estimated to be contained until November 30th. You can see the severity of the fires in different areas here. Currently, the biggest contributors to the continuation of the fires are the rising winds, which occurred on Saturday, and the ongoing drought that has lasted since mid-October.


If you are in area of dense smoke, please take note of safety precautions to maintain your health. Presently, there is a “no burn” ban is in place in most of North Georgia prohibiting outdoor burning.  Just a reminder, take precautions when using patio fire bowls and grills as well as to carefully dispose of any cigarette butts.

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