Do You Know The Signs of Asbestos?

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Signs of Asbestos – It’s Still Around

It’s often hard to spot the signs of asbestos. The 70s and 80s were magical times. They were both vastly different points in history but they did have one thing in common: the end to asbestos in homes. Allegedly.

Here is what we know.

Exposure to asbestos causes severe and sometimes permanent damage to your health.asbestos sign_Reliable Restoration

The years between 1974 and 1980 are not the exact cut off dates for use of asbestos. The EPA banned asbestos for insulation in 1973 and decorating purposes in 1979. The ban on asbestos continued into the mid 1980s: floor tiles (1984), ceiling panels (1981), siding (1983), plasticrylic panels (early 1980’s), corrugated asbestos paper (1981), joint compound (1980’s) and sheet vinyl products (1983).  You can find the full list of banned asbestos items and places on the EPA’s website.

Unfortunately due to the range of years for asbestos bans and removal lag times, if you’ve purchased an older home there is still a chance of lingering asbestos. Recently there have been several reports of asbestos use in homes as late as the mid-2000s.

How can I tell if I have asbestos in my home?

Unfortunately asbestos signs can go easily undetected by most homeowners. If you suspect that something in your home contains asbestos, you have two choices: you can assume that it contains asbestos and proceed with caution in scheduling removal or you can have it tested by a professional asbestos surveyor.

Where might I find asbestos in my home?

  • Roofing and siding shingles made with asbestos cement.asbestos removal_reliable restoration
  • Insulation in homes built between 1930 and 1950.
  • Textured paints used for decorative ceiling and wall coatings (banned in 1977).
  • Pipe insulation and caulking.
  • Furnace or water heater blankets may contain asbestos.
  • The door gaskets in oil or coal furnaces.
  • Joint compounds used to seal wallboard.
  • Resilient floor tiles or sheet vinyl flooring that may have been made with or backed with asbestos containing materials.
  • Decorative plaster treatments on walls and ceilings.

How can I remove asbestos from my home?

The only way to safely remove asbestos from your home is by hiring a licensed professional such as Reliable Restoration. Asbestos removal (also often referred to as asbestos abatement or asbestos remediation) is a complex process that requires the use of safety equipment and enclosures to reduce the risk of exposure to humans. Our crews are experienced and licensed to handle asbestos removals meeting all Federal, State and EPA safety standards.

So whether you have lead, mold or asbestos in your home or building, Reliable Restoration is here to meet your assessment and removal needs. Visit us at or call us at 678-325-1633 today to schedule an inspection of your property. Remember at Reliable Restoration, as always your family is our family.