Odor Elimination: The Final Cleanse

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A fire is a traumatizing event for anyone and handling the damages afterward can be exhausting.


Aside from repairing any destruction in your house, accounting for lost furniture, and finding solace in the aftermath, there is another crucial element that must be taken care of: odor elimination. As any study will tell you, the stench of smoke will stay in your household for days or weeks after a fire. Scented candles fabric cleaners may mask the smell, but the odor will continue to linger. Why?


According to Texas A&M Agrilife the only way to completely eliminate odor is, to remove . . . the source of the problem. The smoke particles must be removed by cleaning since smoke particles tend to get into the smallest cracks and areas. This means that you may be left with lingering odors even after cleaning your house from top to bottom.”

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Yet, there is more to the problem than the inconvenience of the smell. Perhaps you can mask the smell by airing out your home or using home products to try and disguise it. However, it does not completely eliminate the odor. The residual smell of smoke can cause nausea and respiratory problems the longer it stays in your home. Odor elimination is necessary to prevent any health risks with in your residence—especially for younger children, the elderly, or anyone who suffers from asthma.


Consult with your restoration expert about using “counteractants,” chemicals or additives that break up smoke molecules to eliminate odors for any odor elimination needs outside of the contracted services. The type of counteractant used will vary with the material affected by the fire. As counteractants can be hazardous and complex to work with it is always encouraged to have a restoration expert handle odor elimination. These experts can professionally apply and clean the use of counteractants to furniture, carpets and draperies.


As with most disaster restoration projects odor elimination after a fire requires expert assistance. The team at Reliable Restoration is here for your needs 24/7/365. We provide prompt response, caring assistance and assure that your odor elimination project is done professionally meeting all industry standards. With Reliable Restoration your family is our family.