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The Importance of Odor Elimination

Let’s Not Linger.

It is bad enough that you have fallen victim to a disaster, don’t let it linger in your home for longer than it should. Odor elimination is an important step in the recovery process, but is often overlooked.

The Fire is Out, Now What?

Smoke can cling to air vents, fabrics, carpets, blankets, curtains and other household textiles. During a fire, the heat will expand pores in the walls and smoke will fill them, as the house cools the pores close and trap the odor. Months after the fire on warm or damp, rainy day the pores will reopen and the odor will become present again. In order to prevent this, the odor source needs to be identified and removed. Often homeowners expect the only odor to be smoke related, but the water used to put the fire out can lead to mold and mildew which put off their own smell. Soot and dirty water may contain bacteria and other things that can make you or your family sick. A quick removal of water and odor elimination will help keep your family safe and save you money long-term.

SOS, it’s Time for Help.

It is recommended that you don’t attempt to remove soot or clean household textiles yourself due to several health risks from exposure. Improper cleaning can cause additional damage and can put your health at danger. Hiring a professional is the safest bet to make sure your home is restored to its former glory safely and efficiently to county codes and standards. While waiting for a professional however there are a few steps you can take:

  • Open windows for ventilation. smoke_damage_walls
  • Cover clean items with plastic.
  • Change furnace/air filter once a day until the filter no longer shows signs of soot.
  • Place aluminum foil or wood blocks between furniture legs and wet carpeting to prevent rust stains.
  • Don’t attempt to clean carpets, upholstered furniture, draperies, etc. before removing soot, it can smear soot into fabric making cleaning more difficult.

Identify then Attack.

It is important that the source of the odor is located in order to get rid of the smell. Homeowners trying to remove odors themselves after a disaster usually only mask the smell temporarily and don’t remove the source or cause. Lingering odors are best addressed by professionals since particles average .004 microns and can hide anywhere in a home. The house may look clean, but these particles can still be present in microscopic places, driving you crazy thinking about “where is this smell coming from?”!  Odor elimination services may still be required even after the home “looks” clean and restored. With post disaster odors, keep in mind:

  • Walls and ceilings may need to be cleaned – remove soot and repaint.
  • Clothing will need to be sorted and cleaned – dry cleaner may be necessary for odor removal.
  • It’s nearly impossible to remove odors from mattresses and pillows because feathers and foams retain odors – call it a loss and get new ones.
  • Flooring and rugs susceptible to mold and warping – replacement is usually necessary but let it dry completely before removing it.
  • Household vents and ducts trap odors as well – professional cleaning may be required to prevent air quality damage post disaster.

Water from a flood or fire house can also cause serious smells. Proper drying and dehumidification is critical mold_mildew_wall after a disaster occurs. In order to avoid water damage any water should be removed as quickly as possible, any leaks should be taken care of and dampness should be tended to, then the odor elimination process should begin.

Got Funky Fungi?

Mold and mildew spread in dark, damp, poorly ventilated areas (i.e. basements and homes post disaster). Once the area is dry; look for signs of mold in cracks, around pipes and windows and at the bottom of walls. These fungi can affect you and your family’s health, so it is recommended a professional remove it to assure all dangers are eliminated.

We’ve got your Odor Elimination covered.

As with most disaster restoration projects, odor elimination after a fire or flood requires expert assistance. The team at Reliable Restoration is here for your needs 24/7/365. We provide prompt response, caring assistance and assure that your odor elimination project is done with a licensed, expert team. We will restore your property back to pre-disaster condition quickly, affordably and with integrity. With Reliable Restoration your family is our family. Visit us at: www.choosereliable.com or call us at: (678) 325-1633.

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