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Home Renovation Gone Wrong

There is an unspoken warning to all homeowners who decided to take on a renovation themselves. About 50% of the time fixing one problem, leads to the need to fix another.

Home Sweet Home Wreck

                 The best rule of thumb is to always assume something will go wrong during the renovation, that way you are mentally and financially prepared. Budgeting 20% more than what you estimated for costs is a safe bet. A simple DIY project can turn into a full home renovation because something went majorly wrong. There are the obvious things to avoid during renovation like not buying cheap material or skipping prep work but here are some DIY disasters that could damage your renovation.

Hitting a Pipe

It is hard not to get excited about new décor in a home, especially sprucing up a boring wall. Homeowners need to be careful when nailing and drilling things into the walls so they don’t mistakenly hit water pipe. Sometimes homeowners don’t even realize they have hit a pipe and in a matter of minutes disaster has struck and the house is flooding with water. Once the damage is realized, shut off the water immediately and patch the pipes. Remove any water damaged items from the area and call a professional to remove the water and dehumidify – bacteria in the water can be dangerous.

Fixing a Toilet  renovation_plumbing

Most homeowners are going to agree that any kind of plumbing fix should probably be left to a professional. These DIY projects are the most common to go wrong. It could be as simple as replacing a toilet seat or as complicated replacing the whole bowl – one wrong move and water can come pouring out of the base, over-spill out of the bowl or cause drainage issues. Save your bathroom a flood and seek help when you know you need it.


This one is sneaky. A lot of times homeowners don’t know that their electric wiring wasn’t installed correctly or isn’t up to code. Plugging in that new glitter lamp you just crafted could cause a spark that turns into a house fire. If you see a spark, cut the power to the whole house and use a fire extinguisher to put out the flame. Look over the damage and call a professional for fire damage restoration if necessary. Make sure you have a junction box and remember the second you realize your wiring isn’t up to code, seek a professional to fix it quickly.


Trying to insulate your house on your own is nearly impossible. An expert is required to properly install it and make sure it is protecting your home against pests and mold, and saving energy. Without proper insulation mold can form in the attic or within the walls due to the continued presence of moisture contents. The roof can also start to leak causing water damage down the exterior of your walls below the attic. Your siding can sometimes be a good tell of whether or not you have insulation issues.


Considering a bathroom remodel? Maybe you can handle the redesign on your own but have you stopped to think about ventilation? Proper ventilation is the most commonly overlooked aspect of a home. Most bathrooms have so little they start to unintentionally grow mold and mildew which can be hazardous to your family’s health. During your renovation make sure you include enough fans to suck out the moisture that occurs in the air.

Hidden Dangers  renovation asbestos

Home DIY projects are the definition of hidden dangers. A neighbor once fixed his roof on his own and unknowingly sealed in a family of raccoons. These little critters ended up causing more damage than the initial hole was going to.  Anytime your renovation requires you remove walls or ceilings (and sometimes the floors) you run the risk of revealing something else you have to fix. Yanking out those outdated cabinets can expose you lead and/or asbestos. Inhaling or swallowing either is extremely dangerous. Once discovered a professional is needed to properly remove it.

The Bottom Line

Expect the unexpected and know what you can and can’t do yourself. Disaster can strike at any moment. It can be hiding just behind that wall you really want to remove for a more open floor plan. Know that it is okay to ask for help. Reliable Restoration offers 24/7/365 expertise to handle all types of disaster: water damage, sewage damage, fire damage, lead and asbestos removal, and more.  We work tirelessly and efficiently to make sure your home is fully recovered and safe to return to. After all, with Reliable Restoration, your family is our family. Visit us at: www.choosereliable.com or call us at: (678) 325-1633.

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