Lousiana Disaster Relief: Coming Together as a Community

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Flooded front door

Disaster Happens

An interesting phenomenon happens after a devastating weather disaster. There is the usual reaction of shock followed by a mourning period. As homeowners begin disaster relief they assess the damage, tension fills the air. They look at the wreckage dealt by the disaster, homes destroyed, cars abandoned on the roadside and the flooded streets. Members of the community, for a moment, find themselves thinking, What do I do now? This is what our neighbors in Louisiana, are facing as we speak. In the face of destruction, almost seemingly endless repairs and limited resources, what do you do?

Disaster Relief – You Get Organized


Overwhelmingly after the initial shock of the disaster, residents of a community band together to rebuild homes. The storms that tear everything apart ultimately bring people closer together. It is as if people whose homes have been compromised by damage stand up to the disaster and say,

“This will not break me. We will come together. We will be stronger.”

The residents of Louisiana are taking this very approach during the current flooding. The floods have forced hundreds of residents out of their homes—whether by relocation or on their rooftops. Their houses have experienced detrimental water damage. Despite the hardship, many volunteers have decided to take matters into their own hands.

Diaster Relief: LSU Team on flood search

In an answer to the Louisiana flood disaster call, an LSU based rescue team put together a ragtag search party in order to help people who, while not in danger, were appreciative to be ferried back to dry ground. Other volunteers with the Red Cross have also helped residents find operational shelter, assist with the injured and handed out supplies.

The loss in a disaster can be a terrible thing. But the human resolve is stronger than any storm.

Reliable Restoration is Here For You

We at Reliable Restoration wish to send our deepest sympathies for those affected by the Louisiana floods. We also wish to say thank you and acknowledge all the brave and caring first-responders, volunteers and countless others who have stepped up to show what the word, community, really means. Remember, you are not alone. You have your community, in Louisiana, in the U.S. and at Reliable Restoration, we are all here for you.

To those affected know that our caring Reliable Restoration team of experts are always here for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Visit us at www.choosreliable.com or contact us at: (678)325-1633.

LSU Team photo courtesy of Michael Bonnette