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Getting an emergency fire restoration call in the middle of the night is nothing new for the Reliable Restoration team. Our knowledgeable and dedicated professionals take these call personally. So when the staff at Wild Bill’s. contacted us after a recent fire we were ready to jump to the call.

Fire Restoration is always a complicated task that must be implemented with the greatest diligence. We know that getting a property back into functioning capacity is extremely important. However, safety and the quality of work always come first with Reliable Restoration.

Reliable Fire Restoration Team on the Scene Getting To Work

Great care is taken in the fire restoration process to remove or cover all furnishings. Security is of greatest concern. We will either store sensitive property at our local contents storage center or make arrangements to have property secured onsite per the owner’s request.

Reliable Fire Restoration Lift At Wild Bill’s, we first secured all crucial property. Working around the clock our team began the tedious removal process of smoke and soot that encased this popular entertainment venue. In addition, we strategically instituted measures that addressed the odor damage left behind by the fire.

Reliable Fire RestorationTeam Clean Up As you can see from this project we are always ready with any large or small equipment needed. Our team can complete the task of getting a facility back up efficiently and debris free quickly. Our professional restoration crews are equipped with the latest technology and knowledge to assure that all work passes inspection. We assure our work meets all government and company standards.

“We are happy to say that our client was thrilled with the results. The next show went on as scheduled. And…NO revenue was lost in the process,” said Pete Hajjar, Reliable Restoration, Managing Partner.

In the end we are happy to say that Wild Bill’s was up and ready for its next show without any lag time. Now sit back and enjoy some popcorn because the Reliable Restoration team has you covered.

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