South Georgia left with Storm Damage after Weekend Tornadoes

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Photo courtesy of Fox News, January 23,2017

Storm Damage Equals Over $100 Million

It appears tornado season has come early this year as the southeast has taken a beating this rainy winter season. Tornadoes have wreaked havoc on places like Albany, Adel, Cook County killing 15 people in Georgia and causing over $100 million in storm damage.

stormdamagevideo_gaThe weekend began with a tornado tearing through Mississippi on Saturday and then a string of tornado outbreaks across South Georgia.

Between Saturday morning and Sunday night 39 possible tornadoes were reported across the southeast US. Of the 39, 30 were reported to be in Georgia. Many counties remain in a state of emergency and the destruction is so bad President Trump said, the “Tornadoes were vicious and powerful and strong, and they suffered greatly, so we’ll be helping out the state of Georgia.” Power remains out, schools are staying closed and the clean-up and storm damage restoration after massive destruction has begun today for many counties in South Georgia. Read More…

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