10 Ways of Staying Sane During Your Water Damage Restoration

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stress over water damage

Avoid Homeowner Meltdown

Unfortunately, you are faced with unforeseen water damage and now you have to start the restoration process to get your home back to pre-disaster shape. Everyone knows that any kind of work on a home brings a lot of stress on a family. It is important to know how to handle the stress and demands of water damage restoration:

  1. Know yourself – Know when enough is enough and when it is time to step away. If being in your home is causing you a lot of anxiety, know when it is time to step away and get some fresh air. Also, be aware of taking too much on at once, Rome wasn’t built in a day.escape water damage
  2. Take a trip – Cut down on your exposure to the stress zone by escaping to a hotel or a friend’s house during the restoration process. Living in a mess increases stress.
  3. Safe room – If you don’t want to leave your home during restoration make sure you have a room that is having nothing done to it where you can escape to or invite friends over without being disturbed by the construction.
  4. Find an alternative space – If your kitchen is being renovated find another space in your house to do kitchen-y things or find somewhere else to do these things (a neighbor, hotel, etc.)
  5. Have a plan – Make sure you have a plan for the restoration process. Have your reconstruction decisions made. Choose new paint colors, appliances, decorations, etc. so no one is waiting on you to “make up your mind” to start their portion of the work; this will help the restoration process go quicker.
  6. Focus on redecorating – Things are going to happen that you can’t control, things will get broken. Get your mind off of it by focusing your energy on creating the perfect new space and redecorating. Channel your inner Joanna Gaines.
  7. Remember it will all be worth it – It’s okay to complain and let off steam during the process, but keep in mind it will all be worth it in the end. That water damage could have gotten worse.
  8. Resist adding on to the restoration process – 15-20% of projects go over budget and cause extra stress due to renovation “add-ons”.stress over water damage
  9. Stay positive – Turn little hiccups into something fun for the family. If the kitchen is out of use, have an outdoor BBQ or take a family outing to your favorite grocery store and pick out fun or exotic microwave dinners.
  10. Make sure you get enough sleep – It’s the most important natural stress reducer, will help you not be on edge.


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