Empowering The Safety Team Leaders in Your Business

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Safety Team PlanningChoosing a Safety Team Leader

Choosing a Safety Team Leader for your business is often an arduous task. Normally companies delegate this to a management team member who is already overloaded with the tasks of their current role. OR, is it left up to a volunteer staff member who is ill-equipped to properly embrace this important leadership responsibility. So how does a company choose a candidate that fits into the role and has the aptitude to rally employees?


Three Steps of Building a Safety Team Leader

  1. Define the Safety Plan

Safety Team LeaderBefore assigning the role of a Safety Team Leader a company needs a well defined safety plan in place. Asking someone to take on a safety lead position that has no formal structure will frustrate the team leader, annoy your employees and leaves the role lacking. Using resources such as the OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) or Nonprofit Risk Managment.org. These sources can give you the tools to design a safety action plan that meets your company’s program needs.

  1. Job Description – Define the Qualities, Training and Experience of Your Leader

Once a company safety (written) plan is in place, clearly define and write up a job description. Pay close attention to any training and experience needs that are required for your particular industry. You may have to fill this role from outside your current staff pool. NOTE: For the majority of companies this is not a role suitable for multitasking or approachable as a side note. Your Safety Team Leader should be a standalone position and compensated as such.

Good Training Is Vital

  1. Training, Training, TRAINING!

Safety PlanNo company safety plan is going to work successfully without proper training. This not only requires training for your Safety Team Leader but also for ALL company employees. Nothing is more frustrating than to have accident occur on the job site and when investigated to hear, “It’s not my job to watch for that.”

Proper safety training is imperative to keeping employees safe and your company from legal battles. This can happen if your company is found fault in a workplace accident or in violation of government safety standards.

While a safety training program is crucial to assuring companies meet the basics of a safe workplace, it is in the Safety Team Leadership that goals are met. True confidence flourishes when companies choose these leaders carefully and inspire an environment of continued safety training.


At Reliable Restoration we take training seriously. We have developed a P.R.E.P. Program that gives companies a plan of action before a loss occurs. Through P.R.E.P. we provide your team with the tools necessary to be prepared.

P.R.E.P  offers:

  • Enhanced Building Owner and Manager Training Packages – This training can assist you in the daily management tasks of facility management. Providing tools for troubleshooting and disaster preparedness.
  • Continuing Education for Industry Professionals – RR offers industry professionals the opportunity to gather Continuing Education (CE) credits necessary in the advancement of their careers. We have a full slate of offerings ranging from Water and Fire Damage to Mold Remediation classes. We also offer more intensive classes on topics like Project Administration, Large Loss Scope and Restoration Marketing.
  • Basics of Fire Damage, Water Damage and Mold Remediation– Reliable Restoration offers several classes to property owners, managers and building professionals. Our “Basics” series gives our clients a working understanding of all that goes into our tasks and the science behind them.

Disaster Preparedness Training is crucial in the preparation of addressing company disasters. Proper training not only assures the safety of your employees but provides solid action plans.  If you or your organization is interested in having Reliable Restoration present a class, please contact us at choosereliable.com or call (678) 325-1633.