Outside Hazards That Lead to Inside Storm Damage

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During storm season everyone wants to avoid extra damage to their house but don’t really understand how the damage occurs.

Hazards are Everywhere

The storm damage that can occur to a home isn’t just caused by the high winds and excessive rain. They are a factor, but there are hazards outside our home that can turn destructive when added to characteristics of a storm. Be aware of these five hazards before a storm hits in your area:storm_damage_fallen_tree

  1. Dead or Decaying Trees – As high winds pick up during a storm dead or decaying trees become dangerous as their limbs threaten to break off and fall on your home, car, garage, etc. Trees remain dangerous even after the immediate storm has passed.
  2. Loose or Leaky Gutters – when gutters are loose, leaky, or clogged water can spill down the sides of a house and collect around the foundation which can lead to a flooded basement or major foundation issues. Keeping your gutters clear and functional reduces the risk of water damage to your basement and structure of your home.
  3. Landscape Issues
    • Water erosion/Slant of yard – water runoff occurs during storms. With the proper slant of a yard, runoff will flow away from the house. If the slant of the yard isn’t enough or in the wrong direction all of the water with soil contaminants from the storm will flow toward your house and pool by the foundation. This could lead to water damage, flooding and/or foundation issues.
    • Vines growing on siding – Can cause gaps for water/mold to enter or grow creating a problem with excessive rain during a storm occurs. Water and moisture will enter the home through the gaps and cause damage and as the storm ends the moisture will be locked in and mold can grow causing health risks.
    • Decorative items – Those pretty landscape decorations can quickly become projectiles during a storm, especially one with high winds. It may be best to remove them prior to a storm to avoid damage to siding, windows, walls, roof, etc.storm damage furniture
  4. Furniture – Outdoor furniture should be tied down or brought inside to avoid them blowing away in the wind of a storm, breaking, or becoming dangerous projectiles that could collide with the house. Indoor furniture should be placed away from windows to prevent harm during a storm (broken windows, projectiles, rain, etc. can be dangerous)
  5. Lightning – stay off of phones and computers because electricity can travel through telephone and cable lines. Lightning can strike you even inside the home, if you are talking on the phone or typing on the computer.

Reliable Restoration is Always Here.

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