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The First Steps in Mold Removal & Remediation

The first step in removing mold from a home or business is to understand how the condition of the building may have led to it developing. Essentially, mold is an invasive species that develops on moist organic materials. In nature, mold is a natural process and a healthy part of the environment. The organism breaks down dead organic matter and rots it, causing it to grow. In a home or business, however, this process may be hindered by a variety of factors.

The first step in mold remediation is cleaning up the mold. If you have exposed wood surfaces or non-porous materials, you need to clean them thoroughly. To do this, you can use a wire brush or disposable wipes to scrub away the affected areas. Once the mold removal is complete, you can dispose of the wipes with 6-mil polyethylene bags, which must be sealed and tied tightly. After cleaning, you should apply a mildewcide or pigmented shellac to the affected areas and refinish them.

If you are concerned about the cost of mold removal and remediation, it’s a good idea to seek a company like Reliable Restoration that specializes in a particular type of mold problem. Many mold remediation services will also offer restoration services, which can cost you more than remediation alone. A good company will not push you to have testing done that you don’t need, will charge you a fair price for the work needed, and will explain the steps in the process. Professionals will use professional practices and equipment, and they will have lots of experience in handling such situations.

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