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First Responders Train for Bus Accidents

School buses transport the most precious cargo imaginable, our children. Yet first responders are seeing more and more of these vehicles involved in bus accidents.

The Hard Facts. 

School buses in the area have been involved in more than 700 accidents since July 1, 2016. That averages four accidents a day; last year alone, 302 students were injured in


buss accidents. The United States averages 133 school bus fatalities a year with 72% of the lives lost in the accidents being occupants of the bus (drivers and students). These crashes are often caused by bad weather, another driver, mechanical malfunction and bus driver error.

In late 2016, a Woodmore Elementary School (Chattanooga, TN) bus was traveling over the speed limit when it crashed into a utility pole causing six student fatalities and injuring of 31 others. Students were trapped for hours as neighbors and first responders worked to remove them from the crash. Since the Woodmore Bus Crash, fire departments have realized the increased need for better first responder training to fully prepare for bus related accidents.

The Tifton County (Georgia) Fire Department in January, participated first_responder_news in a hands-on training program covering vehicle extraction to better prepare for any vehicle extraction scenario. The TCFD ran different scenarios of crashes, involving buses, electric cars, multi-car pile-ups and complicated vehicle extractions to train for different rescue techniques. To Read More … 

Our hearts go out to all that have been affected by vehicular accidents. We support our first responders and are proudly support them in their everyday dedication and continued training initiative to help save more lives. Reliable Restoration always promotes safety first, both inside and outside of your home. Our drivers are trained to be cautious and aware on the roads especially when approaching school zones and on the road with school buses.

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First-Responder Photo courtesy of Eve Guevara – Tifton Gazette, January 30, 2017

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