Fireplace Safety: Keep Cozy and Secure

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Fireplace Safety, Keeping Warm for the Season.

Are you practicing fireplace safety? Curling up in front of a warm fireplace is one of the joys of the winter season. But before you light that fire, there are a few important safety tips to keep in mind.

Chimney Failure
Clay flue liners are susceptible to cracks. When cracks occur, hot gases can escape into the fireplace chase or the home, sometimes causing carbon monoxide to enter. These gases also may cause nearby framing members to ignite. It is vital to have your chimney inspected and repaired before use.

Improper Maintenance Proper fireplace maintenance is also mandatory. Hot gases must be able to travel up and out. Improper usage, such as burning materials other than wood, using green wood and burning fires at low temperatures can cause a buildup of creosote; the number one cause of chimney fires.

If a fireplace insert (the metal box that fits against the brick or stone fascia and hearth) is in place, it should be regularly inspected. The connection between the insert and the chase contains refractory cement. Over time, this cement can crack and may even fall out. Cracking and gapping issues found during regular inspections should be addressed quickly.

Improper Installation Many substantial fires (and fires to brand new homes) are caused because of incorrect installation, incorrect clearances, improper venting, incorrect rough in of the surround chase, and insulation. The National Fire Protection Association, the manufamom and daughter fireplace_reliablerestorationcturer of the fireplace, and the venting manufacturer all have strict guidelines for proper installation. For instance, improper installation can occur if the chimney chase is left open in the attic and the insulators blow in cellulose insulation. The insulation then travels down and the chimney chase traps the heat around the fireplace insert. The trapped heat near the insert causes the wood and other combustible material to start a fire.

While your family enjoys the hearth be sure to practice fireplace safety.

Do not let children light the fire. Generally, do not keep the fire going for more than four hours. If the worst should happen call Reliable Restoration. We provide 24/7/365 restoration services specializing in fire damage restoration as well as smoke and odor removal. Visit us at: or contact us at: (678) 325-1633. Remember at Reliable Restoration, your family is our family.