My Child is Having Nightmares, Disaster Recovery in Children

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Disaster Recovery for Children

Disasters are Life Altering

A household disaster such fire, flood or tornado can be devastating to adults, but to children the effects can be world changing. Helping children cope with a disaster brings a new dynamic to the disaster recovery process.

Children will often react in different ways leaving parents scratching their heads and searching for answers. Some behavior signs may include:


Children Disaster Behavior

When faced with a child’s behavior after a disaster it is important to remember that these reactions are temporary and will subside with time. Still there are some steps parents can take to help a child process the event, begin recovery and feel more secure in their daily life.

Child Disaster Recovery Steps

  • Reaffirm to your child that they are safe and not in any danger.
  • Encourage your child to talk and express how they are feeling.House Fire
  • Talk about the disaster. Give facts and discuss a plan for future safety.
  • Involve your child in future safety planning; let them be a part of creating a disaster supplies kit.
  • Encourage your child to get involved with community recovery efforts; help neighbors and relatives in simple activities to rebuild.
  • Spend a bit of extra time with your children; take in a movie, go to the park or have a game night. Reaffirm family connections.
  • Get back in to normal routines; school, work, sports activities, etc.

 *If a child is experiencing prolonged, severe or dangerous behavior, seek counseling. The Red Cross, churches and many community organizations will often offer free counseling in the wake of a disaster.

 Yes, a disaster can be difficult to recover from but by building a support network of Help with Disaster Recoveryfamily, friends and community members, it can be overcome. The key to helping you and your children to begin recovery is to take things one step at a time incorporating family moments along the way.

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