Sump Pumps can lead to Sewage Damage

The Risk of Backup One might not think that sewage damage could occur regularly in a home, but it does for a multitude of reasons. One of the most common reasons being “sump pump” failure. If your home uses a sump pump you make be at risk for flood, water, and sewage damage.

Sewage Damage: The Real Threat

Water Damage Restoration

Sewage damage can turn into a critical situation. Every person has experienced a moment of dread where the toilet doesn’t flush. For a moment, time stops, and it feels like the whole world is coming to a slow, disgusting end. Hopefully, unclogging the toilet won’t be an issue. Other times, however, it can be a full on sewage damage disaster—and sometimes more than just physically damaging to your house. A clogged toilet can be a