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A 4-Day Week Could Have Health Risks

A four-day work week could be hazardous to your health

Working a 4-Day work week may sound like a great idea, after all who does not want more family time. But, as research shows squeezing a full work week into four days can have some health risks especially for those who work more than the standard 40-hours work week.

While the manufacturing industry has been one of the leaders in encouraging the 30-hours work week (4 days at 10 hours a day), many businesses have been slow to embrace the concept. Drawbacks can range from customer service issues (not being accessible to customers during peak business days-times) to stress and workplace safety risks caused from trying to push workers to get a whole week’s worth of production out in only four days. As many businesses however, including giants like Google and Amazon, try out the shorter work week it is possible the 30-hours work week may become more commonplace in the near future.

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