More Storm Damage for Southern Louisiana

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14,000 Left Without Power.

Tornadoes are popping up everywhere lately. Southern Louisiana was struck by several tornadoes in multiple storm fronts on Tuesday. It was confirmed by the National Weather Service that at least three tornadoes touched down leaving 14,000 without power across the state and massive storm damage.


Tornado season is usually in the spring, but this year devastating tornadoes have been showing up early. After Tuesday’s storm reports of hail, 50mph winds and severe storm damage surfaced as the storm ended and residents safely returned to their homes. No fatalities have been reported, but southern Louisiana residents and even NASA’s own Michoud Assembly Facility found structural damage was common with this storm system. This comes just weeks after Southern Louisiana was hit with a storm system bringing five tornadoes and a death toll of 18 to the Southern United States in late January. Many are still assessing the damages before they can begin the storm damage restoration process. For more information on the storm Read More …

Here to Help.

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