House Hunting: The Red Flags That Indicate a Home Restoration

Don’t make the mistake of assuming everything in your home will be perfect because it is new, or new to you. Issues with a home can be hidden from the average eye. It may take a closer inspection to identify these possible issues to avoid home restoration in the future.

Historic Home in Need of Water Damage Restoration

Historic Homes It is important to your home’s health to understand the needs of a historic building. A home is considered historic by the National Register of Historic Places or a local historic board if it has a signature architectural style, captures the essence of a given time period, is associated with famous people or events from the past or is deemed architecturally significant. But when making the decision to buy a historic home there are

Water Damage Information

Water Damage Infographics Most of the common home owner’s insurance claims involve water damage. Here are the top five most expensive water damage repairs you may have to deal with and the top 7 causes of water damage in your home.

10 Signs it’s Time to Replace Your Siding to Avoid Water Damage

Water Damage Due to Siding Issues Your home takes quite a beating during the rainy season. Siding’s purpose is to protect the exterior walls of your home, meaning it is supposed to prevent the elements from getting through to the inside of your home. Functional siding is important for the health of your home.

How to Avoid Water Damage this Rainy Season

Water damage is the second most frequently filed insurance claim in the United States. Rainy season is coming, so it is important to get our homes ready.

9 Things that Happen When You Leave Water Damage Untreated

You and Your Home Lose with Water Damage Leaving water damage untreated long term can be a costly mistake for your home or business. A small leak resulting in what may appear as minor damage can quickly lead to a large-scale mold issue. The end result of even the smallest water damage incident can costs thousands in repairs and place your family or employees as great health risks. Here are just nine of the things you

Winter Storm Helena is Coming!

Are You Ready for Snow and Ice from Winter Storm Helena? Batten down the hatches…winter is coming! Yes nothing was more apparent of this fact then my own experience as I pushed my shopping cart around the grocery store last evening amongst the hundreds of other shoppers clamoring for staples such as bread, milk and for some of us…beer. The news has hit, We are expecting snow via Winter Storm Helena.

Frozen Pipes: How To Avoid Damage

You might be familiar with the pop culture adage by now: Winter Is Coming. That means, aside from defending your home from White Walkers and making a thousand lists for the Holiday Season, you might want to think about frozen pipes. Now that fall has arrived we can finally bundle ourselves in scarves, hats, and gloves to drink pumpkin spice everything. As we’ve discussed before, it’s time to prepare your house for the cold weather.

SOS! Five Facts About Handling Water Damage Yourself

Help, we have water damage! While a water disaster can be among the most devastating and costly events a home or business owner can suffer, it is also one of the most underestimated. In the chaos of the aftermath and trying to minimize the costs of loss, many owners will send an “SOS” call out to family, friends and employees in an attempt to contain the damage by themselves. Sadly in the end however, most

Lousiana Disaster Relief: Coming Together as a Community

Disaster Happens An interesting phenomenon happens after a devastating weather disaster. There is the usual reaction of shock followed by a mourning period. As homeowners begin disaster relief they assess the damage, tension fills the air. They look at the wreckage dealt by the disaster, homes destroyed, cars abandoned on the roadside and the flooded streets. Members of the community, for a moment, find themselves thinking, What do I do now? This is what our neighbors in