Training from Reliable Restoration

Reliable Restoration offers complimentary training to our valued clients. Classes can be held at our new training center in Norcross, GA or at your facility based on availability and location. Currently we offer the following classes:

Water Mitigation Principles & Procedures
  • You will learn about Psychrometry (The study of the relationship between air, humidity and temperature and their effect on materials, human health and comfort)
  • How materials dry
  • Importance of dehumidification
Mold Remediation Principles & Procedures
  • What mold is
  • The importance of mold
  • How mold grows
  • Varieties and size
  • How to control it
  • Why is mold an issue
  • Health issues
  • Guidelines
  • Mold testing
  • Basics of mold remediation
  • Clearance testing