Water Damage, By an Ice Maker!

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Ice Maker Water DamageWater Damage

Extensive Water damage can come at the most unexpected time and by the smallest means. In my case it was a power outage that resulted in the refrigerator being shut off; as a result my well performing ice maker had an open line to pumping GALLONS of water freely into my new home. Sadly after two days of unobstructed water flow I faced expensive Water Damage Restoration to the tune of thousands of dollars!

This story is quite common to the Reliable Restoration team. Water Damage in a home or business most often does not occur due to a massive flood but instead by slow leaks or failing plumbing and appliances. Yet still the water damage repairs are costly. But with a little diligent preparation you can help to keep water damage from occurring. Here are some simple tips to keep “Old Man River” from flowing into your home other than through your faucets.

5 Tips for Avoiding Water Damage

Water Damage1. Check for Leaks Frequently
Perform a quarterly (preferably monthly) leak check of pipes and hoses to sinks, appliances and accessible plumbing pipes. Be especially cognizant of washing machine hoses, old brittle hoses should be upgraded regularly. Also, review manuals to assure that you are keeping appliances maintained properly.

Any leaks no matter how small should be addressed quickly. Remember it does not take more than a few hours for mold to grow in water damaged areas.

2. Be Aware of Potential Outside Water Issues
Often outdoor causes can contribute to indoor leaks. Make sure that your gutters and downspouts are clog free and cleaned out regularly. Be mindful when landscaping; invasive root bearing trees such as the Mimosa and Weeping Willow, can cause damage to pipes underground.

In winter time disconnect outside water hoses to avoid freezing issues that can back into your walls and foundation. Also check for any areas of erosion or water collection as well as failing barriers that could potentially allow water to enter into the home including through the garage.

Turning the Water Off Quickly Can Stall Further Damage

3. Know Where Your Water Main Shut-off Valve Is Located
Every home dweller should know where the household main water shutoff valve is located. In an emergency, such as with a leaking water heater, shutting off the water valve can save hundreds of gallons from spilling into the home.

4. If Traveling Plan Accordingly
If planning a vacation or extended travel excursion be sure to make prepping your home a part of your checklist.
a. Shut off the water line to your icemaker! This will assure no water is going to the icemaker in the event of a power outage.
b. Shut off your home’s main water valve if your travel is to be extended. This will assure no water is going into the home in the event that a pipe breaks.
c. Ask a neighbor or family member to check on the house while you are gone. Have a plumber’s contact number handy in the event that a water issue occurs.

5. Monitor Your Home’s Water
Watching your home’s water bill can alert you to hidden leak issues. A spike in your monthly water usage should be investigated quickly. In addition installing water detection devices near water sources in your kitchen and bathroom (do not forget near your sump pump and water heater). This device will emit an alarm when moisture is detected, alerting you to small and slow leak issues as well as massive problems.

Do not forget to check your household water pressure. Typical household water pressure should be in the 40 to 70 psi (pounds per square inch) range. If your home’s water pressure exceeds 80 psi it has the potential to create water leak issues. Installing a water regulator available at most home improvement stores will in many cases address this problem.

The Reliable Restoration Team is Here For You

While taking precautions to avoid water damage are always the best idea sometimes these disasters cannot be avoided. The Reliable Restoration Team is here to address any water damage services you have including drying/dehumidifying, mold remediation and reconstruction. Available 24/7, our caring and certified team of disaster restoration experts is here to help you get your house back to the home it should be. As always we treat your family like our own.

Contact us at choosereliable.com or call (678) 325-1633 to schedule a free on-site estimate.
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