Storm Damage Restoration for Rental Homes

Rental Home Storm Damage Renting a property can be a great source of income but it is important to keep in mind most places are subject to at least one kind of natural disaster (earthquake, hurricane, tornado, flood, wildfire, tsunami, drought, landslide, sinkhole, blizzard, etc.).

Is Flood Damage Restoration Covered in Flood Insurance?

Protecting Your Family with Flood Insurance Protecting your property before a disaster is so important. Storms can bring heavy rain, high winds and flood damage. Proper flood insurance protection can make all the difference in your restoration process.

How to Prepare for Tornado Season

Tornado Season About 1,200 tornadoes touchdown in the United States every year and they can strike with little notice. Destruction and injuries can be greatly increased unless you take the proper steps to prepare yourself and your home for a tornado season disaster ahead of time.

How to Avoid Water Damage this Rainy Season

Water damage is the second most frequently filed insurance claim in the United States. Rainy season is coming, so it is important to get our homes ready.

More Storm Damage for Southern Louisiana

14,000 Left Without Power. Tornadoes are popping up everywhere lately. Southern Louisiana was struck by several tornadoes in multiple storm fronts on Tuesday. It was confirmed by the National Weather Service that at least three tornadoes touched down leaving 14,000 without power across the state and massive storm damage.

Storm Damage Dangers Weeks after a Storm

You’re Not Out of the Woods Yet Weeks after storm passes trees can still be at risk of falling and causing damage. It is important to assess any storm damage to the trees on your property in a timely manner to avoid the falling weeks after the storm.

South Georgia left with Storm Damage after Weekend Tornadoes

Storm Damage Equals Over $100 Million It appears tornado season has come early this year as the southeast has taken a beating this rainy winter season. Tornadoes have wreaked havoc on places like Albany, Adel, Cook County killing 15 people in Georgia and causing over $100 million in storm damage.