Avoid Turkey Disaster

Every Thanksgiving, there is at least one disaster—a social faux pas, the dog getting hold of the turkey,  the jellied cranberry sauce that is either ‘forgotten’ or avoided at all costs. Preparing a feast is an accomplishment unto itself but it should not cost you a trip to the ER. Whether you’re throwing a friend’s giving or sharing a meal with extended family you haven’t seen since last year there are safety precautions you should

Georgia Wildfires Ongoing

By now, anyone who is a resident in the area, has made a note of the smokiness outside due to the ongoing wildfires in North Georgia. Fire damage continues to grow encompassing over 40,000 acres as fires in the Blue Ridge Mountains and Nantahala Gorge struggle to be contained.  . While the fires are being subdued, according to the National Interagency Coordination Center, the blazes will are not estimated to be contained until November 30th. You

Tornado Sound: What NOT To Do

  I will never forget that tornado sound. It was 2011 when I heard a tornado sound for the first – and hopefully last – time. I was in my sophomore year of college. At the time, I was attending Samford University in Birmingham. In the late afternoon, the sirens went off. The ladies of Vail Hall were ushered down into the basement. They were advised to bring blankets, pillows, snacks, and phone chargers, and

Leave Super Moons Alone

As long as humanity has been able to see the sky, we’ve had myths and legends about the moon and its powers. One of the more common ones, that pop up every time there’s a supermoon, is that the moon being that close to the Earth is causing natural disasters ranging from earthquakes to tidal waves. But is it really destroying the world? Or is it just poor timing? It turns out the supermoon’s power

Flood Damage Restoration: How To Prepare

Few things are more daunting in a household than flood damage restoration. While in Georgia flood damage restoration might be the furthest thing from our mind at the moment we have experienced severe water damage particularly in the wake of hurricane Matthew. Floods are a devastating experience. The financial cost of flood damage restoration plus the task of putting your house back together can seem unachievable. According to FEMA, every house at risk of flooding.

How To Hang Outdoor Holiday Lights Safely

The Joy of Outdoor Holiday Lights It’s two days after Halloween—which means everyone is forgetting Thanksgiving even exists and are preparing to set up their outdoor holiday lights. Some people go all out for their Holiday decorations.   Like . . . really all out.   Seriously guys who has time for this? It makes sense why people love outdoor holiday lights. Besides, of course, giving us a reason to compete with each other. Winter lights