Reliable Restoration Thanks Peter Hajjar for 7 Years of Dedicated Service

PRESS RELEASE RELIABLE RESTORATION ANNOUNCES THE RETIREMENT OF PETER HAJJAR, CO-FOUNDER AND MANAGING MEMBER Reliable Restoration wishes to acknowledge and thank Mr. Pete Hajjar in recognition of his retirement for seven years of dedicated and astonishing service. Norcross, GA (September 30, 2016) – Reliable Restoration, LLC today announced that Peter Hajjar, firm co-founder and a managing partner, will retire effective September 30, 2016. Beginning on October 1, 2016 Wes Thornton, company co-founder and head of administrative

Cracking the Code: Disaster Restoration Terms Every Owner Should Know

When Choosing a Disaster Restoration Company Knowing the Terminology Helps When faced with a Disaster at your home or business, things can get chaotic quickly. The first response should always be to make sure everyone is safe from danger. However the next step of finding a Disaster Restoration Company to handle the aftermath can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. This is especially true for property owners who are unfamiliar with the processes and terminology of the

5 Questions To Ask Your Restoration Company

Who Can You Depend On? Finding a Disaster Restoration Company you can trust is hard, especially in the chaotic aftermath of a disaster. Your first focus is of course on the safety of your family or company employees but, quickly afterward it shifts to halting the damage, salvaging your property and protecting your hard-worked for assets. Knowing the 5 Questions to ask your restoration company can quickly help you identify a service provider who is not only equipped

5 Fall Home Safety Tips…Getting Your Home Prepared

Fall has arrived! Preparing your home for the upcoming cold weather season is starting to cross every homeowner’s mind. But as you begin hauling out the fall decorations and getting your landscaping prepared for the cooler months, there are 5 Fall Home Safety Tips that should be followed to keep you home warm, happy and protected.

We Flipped a Switch! Common Causes of Household Circuit Breaker Trips

We Tripped the Circuit Breaker Again! As homeowners, many of us have learned about our home’s inner workings the hard way, especially when it comes the household electrical system, the main breaker panel. With today’s many electronic devices times every person in the household, overloads via circuit breaker trips are common. However, these annoying electrical boxes are not just there to be your home’s micromanager; they are there for safety.

Charged and Ready! Charging Your Cell Phone Safely

Are you charging your cell phone safely? Many people aren’t. With the most recent news concerning cell phone battery and charging issues, we at Reliable Restoration wanted to share 5-Tips to charging your cell phone safely. View our SlideShare presentation OR Download our PDF below. charged-and-ready

A 4-Day Week Could Have Health Risks

A four-day work week could be hazardous to your health Working a 4-Day work week may sound like a great idea, after all who does not want more family time. But, as research shows squeezing a full work week into four days can have some health risks especially for those who work more than the standard 40-hours work week. While the manufacturing industry has been one of the leaders in encouraging the 30-hours work week (4

What Would You Grab? The Importance of Having a Home Contents Inventory

What Would You Grab? It’s the age old question: if your house was on fire what would you take? What is most valuable to you in the world, of course after your famiy? A family heirloom, your pet, your computer? People often have interesting responses. There are certain items you would grab without hesitation if given the chance. However, when all is said and done, in the face of any kind of disaster, do you

SOS! Five Facts About Handling Water Damage Yourself

Help, we have water damage! While a water disaster can be among the most devastating and costly events a home or business owner can suffer, it is also one of the most underestimated. In the chaos of the aftermath and trying to minimize the costs of loss, many owners will send an “SOS” call out to family, friends and employees in an attempt to contain the damage by themselves. Sadly in the end however, most