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The Reliable Disaster Restoration and Reconstruction Experts

As the standard in the restoration industry, we are trained and certified to handle even the most critical of property disasters, with our eyes always on our mission:

Reliable Restoration strives to create an experience after a disaster that provides comfort and restores hope to our clients by bringing property, business and life back to normal.

Reliable Restoration is a full-service disaster restoration and reconstruction company serving the North Georgia region. We also handle complex solutions in the South East.. We also provide CAT response as far as New York and Chicago. With a compassionate and caring heart, we offer 24/7 emergency response to commercial and residential disasters. As a whole our team holds over 80 years’ experience in the disaster restoration and reconstruction industry making us one of the most highly skilled companies in the United States.

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Flood, fire and water damage is devastating to a business but more so to the people caught in its aftermath. The debris and mess left behind can be overwhelming to those not trained in the proper disaster restoration process. Water damage and mold growth alone can increase greatly within 48 hours meaning the difference between a recovery or a total loss. Amid the chaos it is crucial for immediate response by an expert team when a disaster occurs to assure the least amount of recovery costs.

At Reliable Restoration, we follow the critical steps to assure that the disaster cause is accurately addressed, further damage is halted and recovery begins quickly. The utmost care is taken, with the highest security measures, to protect your company’s structures, furnishings and valuable documentation.
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Proper drying and dehumidification of your property is essential after a flood or water damage. Reliable Restoration is a certified, full-service water mitigation company. Our trained experts have the latest moisture detection technology and monitoring equipment needed to assure your property is dried thoroughly, damage contained and the results are environmentally safe according to industry standards.
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As a Certified Asbestos and Lead Abatement Company, Reliable Restoration has an entire environmental division dedicated to the unique concerns raised by the presence of asbestos and lead. We will safely remove any hazards meeting all U.S. Government, EPA and OSHA standards. Our highly-trained professionals diligently eradicatethe problem and provide a safer environment for your family and employees.

Asbestos -Asbestos is a non-cariogenic and its exposure affects the health of almost 4,800 people a year. Often these materials were used profusely in buildings in the WWII era for roofing, siding and fireproofing materials.
Lead-The presence of lead in a structure is a health hazard, especially for young children. Homes and buildings built prior to 1978 hold a high probability of a lead is presence predominantly in the form of paint.
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Contents Cleaning and Storage Villa Rica, GA

When a disaster strikes, saving and securely storing personal belongs or the contents of a business are a timely priority. Reliable Restoration offers the distinct service of furnishing cleaning and storage. Our professional team will clean, itemize and pack your contents to be securely stored at our offsite facility. We assure that what can be salvaged is kept clean and ready for your return.
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Media/Documentation Recovery and Restoration Villa Rica, GA

Company documentation is critical to business survival. Losing proprietary data and important financial documents to a disaster that can disable a company for months. Reliable Restoration has a team of experts trained in the most sensitive tasks of document and media restoration. With our team we can assure your company’s valuable assets are restored fast and cost effectively.
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Storm Damage Reconstruction Villa Rica, GA

Storms can wreak havoc on your property. Reliable Restoration is available 24/7 and can be at your property in most cases within minutes of your call. Offering a free estimate,we will assess the damage and construct an action plan for storm damage clean-up; giving you an accurate quote on the time and cost involved with addressing your property’s storm damage restoration needs.
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Mold Remediation and Mitigation Villa Rica, GA

Mold leads to many health problems and can be exasperated if the source is not addressed quickly. Reliable Restoration is certified and trained in the complicated tasks of mold remediation and mitigation. Our professional team will effectively to certification standards eradicate any mold issues (including black mold) by isolating damaged areas, removing affected materials and eliminating mold sources.
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Reliable Restoration Is Here for You

Whether your residential or commercial building has faced a terrible disaster or you suspect the presence of environmental hazards (mold, lead or asbestos), Reliable Restoration is here to address your needs. Our service professionals are fully trained and certified by the IICRC Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification) to meet all U.S. Government, EPA and OSHA standards. We are ready to address a disaster 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our commitment to excellence starts the moment you contact us and does not stop until you are back in your business or home, fully restored.

We serve the entire city of Villa Rica including the following zip codes –  30180.
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