Water Damage Effects on Your Business

The usual suspects, appliances (water heaters, refrigerators, and air conditioning units), clogged or stopped up pipes and drains and damaged roofs can cause major water damage to a business and even halt business operations.  

House Hunting: The Red Flags That Indicate a Home Restoration

Don’t make the mistake of assuming everything in your home will be perfect because it is new, or new to you. Issues with a home can be hidden from the average eye. It may take a closer inspection to identify these possible issues to avoid home restoration in the future.

Home Renovation Gone Wrong

There is an unspoken warning to all homeowners who decided to take on a renovation themselves. About 50% of the time fixing one problem, leads to the need to fix another.

Storm Damage Restoration for Rental Homes

Rental Home Storm Damage Renting a property can be a great source of income but it is important to keep in mind most places are subject to at least one kind of natural disaster (earthquake, hurricane, tornado, flood, wildfire, tsunami, drought, landslide, sinkhole, blizzard, etc.).

Home Destroyed in Fire by Plane

Fire Damage after Small Plane Crash   On the evening of Friday March 24th, a small Cessna Citation I plane crashed into a suburban home in Marietta, Georgia.

Historic Home in Need of Water Damage Restoration

Historic Homes It is important to your home’s health to understand the needs of a historic building. A home is considered historic by the National Register of Historic Places or a local historic board if it has a signature architectural style, captures the essence of a given time period, is associated with famous people or events from the past or is deemed architecturally significant. But when making the decision to buy a historic home there are

Water Damage Information

Water Damage Infographics Most of the common home owner’s insurance claims involve water damage. Here are the top five most expensive water damage repairs you may have to deal with and the top 7 causes of water damage in your home.

10 Signs it’s Time to Replace Your Siding to Avoid Water Damage

Water Damage Due to Siding Issues Your home takes quite a beating during the rainy season. Siding’s purpose is to protect the exterior walls of your home, meaning it is supposed to prevent the elements from getting through to the inside of your home. Functional siding is important for the health of your home.

Is Flood Damage Restoration Covered in Flood Insurance?

Protecting Your Family with Flood Insurance Protecting your property before a disaster is so important. Storms can bring heavy rain, high winds and flood damage. Proper flood insurance protection can make all the difference in your restoration process.

What to Consider When Buying a Fire Extinguisher

Fire extinguishers are extremely helpful for immediate use on small fires. When the proper one is placed near an exit in an easy to grab spot, it can become a lifesaver before first responders arrive.

How to Prepare for Tornado Season

Tornado Season About 1,200 tornadoes touchdown in the United States every year and they can strike with little notice. Destruction and injuries can be greatly increased unless you take the proper steps to prepare yourself and your home for a tornado season disaster ahead of time.

Who Dunnit: Indoor Allergy Edition

Most people like to think that their home is an escape from allergens. Although all the pesky outdoor allergens don’t follow you home, there is a whole other set of indoor allergens you’re exposed to within your home.

How to Avoid Water Damage this Rainy Season

Water damage is the second most frequently filed insurance claim in the United States. Rainy season is coming, so it is important to get our homes ready.

First Responders Train for Bus Accidents

School buses transport the most precious cargo imaginable, our children. Yet first responders are seeing more and more of these vehicles involved in bus accidents.

Candles: Red Hot Romance or Danger?

Romance Them with Fire Safety.  The most romantic holiday of the year is days away and you’re planning for the perfect evening. Of course you have to set the mood with some luxurious candles but, make sure the only thing your igniting this Valentine’s Day is romance.

More Storm Damage for Southern Louisiana

14,000 Left Without Power. Tornadoes are popping up everywhere lately. Southern Louisiana was struck by several tornadoes in multiple storm fronts on Tuesday. It was confirmed by the National Weather Service that at least three tornadoes touched down leaving 14,000 without power across the state and massive storm damage.

The Importance of Odor Elimination

Let’s Not Linger. It is bad enough that you have fallen victim to a disaster, don’t let it linger in your home for longer than it should. Odor elimination is an important step in the recovery process, but is often overlooked.

Storm Damage Dangers Weeks after a Storm

You’re Not Out of the Woods Yet Weeks after storm passes trees can still be at risk of falling and causing damage. It is important to assess any storm damage to the trees on your property in a timely manner to avoid the falling weeks after the storm.

Sump Pumps can lead to Sewage Damage

The Risk of Backup One might not think that sewage damage could occur regularly in a home, but it does for a multitude of reasons. One of the most common reasons being “sump pump” failure. If your home uses a sump pump you make be at risk for flood, water, and sewage damage.

South Georgia left with Storm Damage after Weekend Tornadoes

Storm Damage Equals Over $100 Million It appears tornado season has come early this year as the southeast has taken a beating this rainy winter season. Tornadoes have wreaked havoc on places like Albany, Adel, Cook County killing 15 people in Georgia and causing over $100 million in storm damage.

The Dangers of Hoarding

The Dangers of Hoarding to Your Loved Ones and Your Property We all have the desire to live safely and we hope that our loved ones are doing the same, but that isn’t always the case. The dangers of hoarding has been brought to the light in recent years as more people are opening up about dealing with this mental health issue for themselves or with family and friends. Health risks such as respiratory disease, fall injuries